Five years ago we embarked on a vision to build a new church. We were able to secure a piece of property, by God’s grace, and began the process of building. So far we have expense close to $600,000 and we have been able to secure all the permits necessary to commence building, but there is one hindrance, money. We need to raise another $600,000 in order to start building. This is where you come in. We are asking you to join the movement, $7/day for the next two years will get us there. So all you need to do is just skip a meal, save that money, and at the end of the month bring it to church. With this effort we will not only be able to raise the money needed to build, we will also commence with the building of this new church. Remember, faith calls us out of our comfort zone, and prompts us to launch into the unknown, and it is there that miracle happens.

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