TOLBC believes that growth in the Christian faith is a life-long endeavor and that one of the places it can happen best is in Sunday School class. Sunday school is important in the spiritual development of Christians. It is the only place in most churches that gives a systematic, comprehensive, complete coverage of the Word of God. Currently we are studying “Wisdom for Today’s Issues: A Topical Arrangement of the Proverbs” by Stephen Voorwinde. We invite you to join us.


“Wisdom For Today’s Issues.” Topic: Honor

  1. What is honor? Can honor exist without humility?
  2. What is the significance of the sixth commandment, “honor your father and your mother . . . ” Is there a point (or a situation) where this commandment can be disregarded?
  3. What does it mean to be a “person of honor?” How honorable should a Christian be?
  4. Is divorce, refusal to pay one’s debt (etc), reneging of one’s honor?
  5. Explain 2 Tim. 2;21- focus on the phrase “a vessel of honor.”

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